Milan industries offers state of the art, customisable, transparent and secure I.T solutions

Relocation Made Easy

Relocating to new premises can be a hugely challenging and expensive time for any business. Milan Industries can smooth the process of managing your IT infrastructure migration needs during an office relocation. We offer a forward thinking approach to ensure that there is no downtime while moving your IT network to the new location.

Hardware Installations

Let our highly trained team at Milan Industries co-ordinate the hardware installation process in your new office space. From ensuring that network cabling and points are properly installed to seeing that users have the access they need to printers or internet access, our team will oversee that disruptions and inconveniences are minimized.

Expert Technicians

Milan Industries supply teams of IT professionals to transport and re-commission equipment as well as test for basic connectivity. Once the move is complete, we continue to offer our services with post-IT relocation support and answering all staff questions to keep things running smoothly.

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Fully Customisable

We customise our relocation solution to your office’s specific needs and ensure a minimal downtime. Cable management, equipment layout and any specific client preferences are confirmed prior to commencement. All workstations will be set up according to your specific requirements. Once set up is complete, they will then be subjected to a stringent quality check to ensure your equipment has arrived intact and operates efficiently.

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