Milan Industries speclialise in all I.T support, Infrastructure, hardware and telecomunications

Telecomunications, Voip and Cloud Phones

Disaster Recovery Services.Milan Industries can handle all your IP Telephony for businesses, and our technical engineers understand how important communication is to your business, which is why every single customer has a specifically tailored solution, to maximise on functionality. Communications and technology is the driving force behind every successful organisation, and is the key to providing functionally-rich and effective connections to your clients and partners. Which is why we provide two different system options, either a Hosted PBX System (Cloud) or a Managed PBX System (On site), depending on your needs.

Telecommunication Support

Milan Industries provides business with unrivalled support when it comes to telecommunication support. With business growth comes the need to employ more staff and this creates the need for additional infrastructure support: installing more phone lines, desktops and other hardware solutions. Business tools such as Cloud-based phone systems streamline workflows and enhance productivity. We offer state-of-the-art telecommunication tools with advanced features that support business continuity.

Voip For Business

As part of our innovative telecommunications service offering, we offer top of the line VoIP phone systems for businesses. From conference calls to voicemail to email transcription to portability and flexibility, the multi-function advantage of VoIP technology can be used to take business telecommunication to greater heights.