Milan Industries speclialise in all I.T support, Infrastructure, hardware and telecomunications


Milan Industries has hardware options to fit your budget and your expectations. Whether you want us to build your system or specify and procure one for you, Our procurement program offers a complete line of hardware solutions. We provide leading products from today’s top manufacturers including WatchGuard, Bosanova, Overland Storage, Avocent, Cisco, and Kronos.

Optimal Functionality

Your business can perform at optimal functionality depending on the tools you provide it with. IT hardware is a critical component of your asset management system. Shopping around for the best deals can be an exhaustive process eating up valuable time unnecessarily. With our specialist expertise in hardware procurement we can save you this valuable time. You can also benefit from lower prices, a benefit afforded by us thanks to our special relationships with top hardware manufacturers in the industry.

Professional Hardware

At Milan Industries we offer a professional hardware procurement service. We will work with you to establish your business’ exact needs and offer expert advice on the various equipment available to streamline processes. In addition to procuring hardware for you we also offer a core area of expertise in installing and maintaining equipment. Whether you need new hardware or want an upgrade, Milan Industries offers you a cost effective, time-saving service.